This one has been requested by you. A lot! And finally they are here. Simple, basic, comfy organic cotton stretch leggings. Should be comfortable for all home-office situations. Enjoy :)

NEW - shipping starts April 19th.

  • 95% cotton organic, 5% elastane
  • Slim fit stretch leggings. Follow your normal sizes or go one up if you don't want it too tight.
  • Veta is wearing the XS.
  • Price if we did wholesale: 22 €. Price if we produced in Portugal: 38 €.
  • Check the sustainability tab to discover more information!
We offer basics that are better for our planet and the people living on it. By wearing sustainable products, you are making another step towards a more sustainable world. This is how you can make a small positive impact!!
Honest Basics are designed to offer you maximum sustainability, for friendly prices. Here a short overview of what makes each of our products sustainable:
  1. Sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and Tencel.
  2. Hardcore certification. All products are GOTS-certified "organic" certified by CU 855347.
  3. All our products are vegan, approved by Peta.
  4. Ethical and transparent production in Bangladesh and India.
  5. Low-waste-packaging. Either plastic free or from recycled plastic.
  6. Climate neutral shipping.
  7. Accessories are also sustainable, such as the labels.

Want more information? Check out our detailed page about sustainability.

Also check out our new Youtube-Channel: The Sustainability Show. The first video that explains the GOTS-certification is up now. More will follow soon :)...

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