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We collected 482 euros of our 500 euro target. Amazing!! We're chipping in the rest :)... The action to place on the 21st of December. Pictures from the action are here on the left. It was a great success. The organizers specifically asked us to thank everyone who contributed for their kind souls. So thank you very much! :)

Bangladesh is a very poor country and winter is coming. So, for this year's Thanksgiving action our goal is to raise 500 euros. Which we'll GIVE BACK directly to the poorest members of the Bangladeshi community. Every euro helps!

Why Bangladesh? We produce there, under ethical circumstances of course. But there is no denying that Bangladesh is a very poor country. GIVE BACK is aimed at the people that need it the most: mothers which can't afford sufficient warm clothes and blankets for their children.

What will we do? 100 boxes will be created that will be donated to 100 mothers selected from around the workers community of our partner factory Knit Plus. In the boxes will be warm blankets, some children's clothes and some vegetables and fruits. The management of Knit Plus will select the most needy mothers that will receive the boxes. They do these kind of donations more often and have the best knowledge of who needs to boxes the most.

How can you contribute? 

  1. For each product we sell during the Black Friday weekend 1 euro will be added to the charity. So no discounts, but donations at Honest Basics. (29.11 - 02.12)
  2. You can donate right here! Select the amount, add to your basket. And you're done.

For every euro that get's donated Honest Basics will add a euro from our side as well. So each euro you donate counts twice! Together we can reach the 500 euros and GIVE BACK to the poorest of Bangladesh.

When will the boxes be given away? We discussed with the factory and the boxes will be given at the beginning of December. We will post pictures here and on social media. Pictures are from a previous charity action organized by the same people!

Thanks for your help <3<3<3 :)...

We offer basics that are better for our planet and the people living on it. By wearing sustainable products, you are making another step towards a more sustainable world. This is how you can make a small positive impact!!
Honest Basics are designed to offer you maximum sustainability, for friendly prices. Here a short overview of what makes each of our products sustainable:
  1. Sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and Tencel.
  2. Hardcore certification. All products are GOTS-certified "organic" certified by CU 855347.
  3. All our products are vegan, approved by Peta.
  4. Ethical and transparent production with Colombus in Bangladesh.
  5. Low-waste-packaging. Either plastic free or from recycled plastic.
  6. Climate neutral shipping.
  7. Accessories are also sustainable, such as the labels.

Want more information? Check out our detailed page about sustainability.

Also check out our new Youtube-Channel: The Sustainability Show. The first video that explains the GOTS-certification is up now. More will follow soon :)...

    We ship all orders with DHL GoGreen. That means you receive a tracking number and shipment is climate neutral!
    1. We ship Monday to Friday. Orders usually ship within 24 - 48 hours after you place them.
    2. You get an e-mail with your tracking number as soon as the package leaves.
    3. Return shipment costs are not reimbursed. You have to pay for this yourself.

    Shipping costs:

    Where are you? Shipping costs Free shipping above? Delivery time?
    Germany 0 0 3-4 days
    Austria 3 € 50 € 4-5 days
    Europe 5  80 € 7-10 days


    Above you can find the total expected delivery time. So this means the time it takes from your order until delivery. Please keep in mind that we don't ship in weekends. Also sometimes there can be delays on the courier-side, there is nothing we can do about this unfortunately. Also: sometimes we're actually quicker :)...

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